The Geo-Environment axis: the water management branch  

At the Poitiers Biopole, the Geo-environment axis brings together actors from the public and private sectors working in the fields of water management and plant science engineering. Signally complementary, the work and studies performed by the companies and research laboratories of the University of Poitiers, the CNRS and the BRGM have a double objective: optimize the management of our water resources, and attend to their quality. They revolve around three large-scale theme-based axes:
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· Management of ground water resources, and of the quality of surface water and distributed waters. Conducted by the BRGM, Ianesco Chimie, the laboratories of (a) hydrogeology, clay, soil and alterations (University of Poitiers-CNRS), (b) biology and genetics of crustacean populations (University of Poitiers-CNRS), (c) microbiology of hospital hygiene, and (d) parasitology and tropical epidemiology, the work aims at developing tools for water quality management. This work will draw particular benefit from an experimental 12-hectare hydrogeology site located on the campus, enabling for modeling software to be tested on a large scale.

· Development of innovative technologies and pilot-scale processes for drinking water treatment, disposal of industrial waste water and eradication of biofilms found in piping systems. Conducted by two start-up companies, Technavox and Microprotec, and also by the chemistry laboratories of the University of Poitiers and the CNRS, the work has essentially to do with depollution of industrial liquid effluents and surfaces sullied by hydrocarburates. This work will draw particular benefit from a dedicated 800m² technological platform located on the campus, allowing for pilot-scaled development of solutions respectful of the environment.

· Search for new water resources and protection of the environment. The Biopole is also home to several consultancy groups such as ERM, EGES, EG Sol Ouest, Gaudriot. Their services include finding new resources of water and designing solutions that minimize the impact of industry, civil engineering and agriculture on the environment.

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