The Supporting Technologies  

· The Bioinformatics axis of the Poitiers Biopole is essentially based upon the master course at the University of Poitiers entitled “Physiology and computer engineering”. This training program is unique in the world as it provides the 300 students enrolled in the school with a dual competence based on a curriculum that is equally divided between life science courses (physiology, biotechnology…) and computer science courses (software engineering, programming, databases, web…). Other bio- technologies likewise draw upon computer science: bio-imagery, cardiology, image processing, etc.

In the bioinformatics sector, private companies also play the field. An illustrative example is the expertise developed by Cerep in the field of high throughput profiling (HTP), with its associated data base Bioprint. Another is Aster-Cephac, which has developed an innovative and fully secured intranet portal providing real-time access to customers’ bioanalysis results and reports.

· The juridical axis is also rich in training programs and university laboratories in the diversified fields of sanitary and social law and regulations, bioethics, medical law, legislation and the rural economy.

· The psychological axis involves training programs and laboratories oriented towards language and cognition, clinical psychopathology, etc.

· The mechanistic axis of the Poitiers Biopole provides and may develop tools, appliances and/or technologies in support of research activities related to the main themes of the Biopole, such as: human motor performance (physical and sports activities), fluid mechanics (blood flow), modelizing and materials (the Toumai skull that was discovered by Professor Brunet from the University of Poitiers), etc.

· Neighboring themes are likewise elaborated at the University of Poitiers, and reinforce the means and wherewithal imparted to the Biopole actors: hygiene / security / environment, quality, risk management, scientific information, etc.
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· Other university-based skills complete what has been set up in the human and social science fields. They enable the companies involved to proceed to on-site recruitment of executives, engineers and high-level technicians.

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